SilviFuture is a new network established to promote and share knowledge about novel forest species across Britain.

It aims to support forests that are resilient and capable of meeting our future needs.

Tree Species

New and novel tree species known to have potential to grow well in the UK.

Information on silviculture, use, pathogens, opportunities and issues for each species.

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Query the mapped database of know locations of species growing in the UK.

Information on sites, growing conditions, visiting the sites, photographs and owner’s experiences of growing the species.

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Register to add information as an owner or forestry professional of novel species and locations you know about; to add species information; comment or suggest species that are not on the list.

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Find and share information on the silviculture of over seventy tree species, many of which are less well-known or tested in Britain, and may prove more resilient to a changing climate and provide valuable products for future markets.

Explore a growing database to learn about tree growth, stand management, where species grow well in the country and even successes in their marketing.